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About Blast

Blast Motion provides motion analysis and performance insights with the Blast Baseball and Blast Softball.


With a simple mission – to enable players and coaches to improve their performance and be the best they can. Through data driven analytics and visualised data you can gain powerful insights to your swing.

Based in San Marcos, California, Blast Motion has developed proprietary tools which combine the bio-mechanics of body movement and video capture technology with analytical data to uncover the way athletes perform. The advanced sensor and the data it provides is calculated in the Blast Motion app so you have the information you need at your fingertips.  

Blast Motion has teamed up with the World Baseball Softball Confederation Europe to advance player development throughout Europe. Blast technology used worldwide in Blast Softball and Baseball will help WBSC coaches and players to improve their swing. With swing quality data, video analysis, 3D swing tracer visualisations and comparisons.


“Hitting is one of the key areas where Europe needs to improve in order to compete better against the top countries globally. This agreement & technology and services provided by Blast are part of our development plan and its building blocks. Blast will provide comprehensive training to European baseball and softball coaches during the next 3 years to help develop our hitting.” said WBSC Europe President Kruno Karin


In 2022 there will be 31 European tournaments with over 300 teams participating in 15 countries. The opportunity to bring new technology to a growing sport among the European community will provide both coaches and players with the data they need to improve their swing.  

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